Terms of Use of St1 Electronic Channels for Consumers


1. Electronic Channels and Scope of Terms

These Terms of Use are applied to consumer use of St1 My Pages, Perfect autopesu Web Shop, St1 Way mobile application installed on the customer’s device as well as other possible electronic channels provided by St1. In these terms of use above mentioned services are referred to as ”electronic channels”.

The St1 Way mobile application, that offers benefits and services related to the customer relationship, is provided to its customers by St1 Nordic Oy and other companies within the same corporate group (hereinafter referred to as St1). The application provides customers with information about benefits and offers of the St1 Nordic Oy Customer Loyalty Program. Also, the customer may use services provided by St1 Finance Oy consisting of transfer of payments, means of payment as well as account and credit contracts (hereinafter referred to as payment services).

With the St1 Way mobile application the customer may purchase car wash codes for use at St1 and Shell Perfect Wash stations as well as pay for fuel by connecting a payment card to the St1 Way application.  

St1 My Pages is a customer portal provided by St1 to its customers. It contains information, benefits and offers related to the customer relationship. On the St1 My Pages the customer may manage his personal data, order a St1 Cash Rebate Card and order heating oil.  

Perfectautopesu.fi is a web shop provided by St1 to its customers. It contains information about the customer relationship and products purchased in the Perfectautopesu.fi web shop. The customer may purchase car wash codes for use at St1 and Shell Perfect Wash stations, manage his personal data and monitor the car wash codes.   

St1 may add additional services of its own or services provided by other service providers to the electronic channels.  

By using the electronic channels the customer accepts these terms of use and authorizes St1 to send marketing information such as offers and information about the service through the electronic channels.

The customer is required to register to use the electronic channels. Use of the payment services requires strong customer identification.

For the purpose of these terms of use the term “customer” is used to describe a consumer customer of St1 who uses electronic channels.  

2. Service Providers

The service is provided by St1 Nordic Oy and other companies within the same corporate group. St1 Finance Oy is only responsible for the payment services it provides through the St1 Way mobile application. St1 Nordic Oy is responsible for all other content.

St1 Nordic Oy – Firdonkatu 2, 6th floor, 00520 Helsinki, phone 0800 131 031 (switchboard), web site: www.st1.fi.  St1 Nordic Oy is listed in the Trade Register of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. The company’s Business ID is 2082259-7 and the domicile is Helsinki.

St1 Nordic Oy customer service phone. 0800 131 031 (switchboard).

St1 Finance Oy – Firdonkatu 2, 6th floor, 00520 Helsinki, phone 0800 131 031 (switchboard), web site: www.st1finance.fi.  St1 Finance Oy is listed in the Trade Register of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. The company’s Business ID is 2789887-7 and the domicile is Helsinki.

St1 Finance Oy customer service, phone 0800 131 031 mon-fri 8-16, holidays excluded.

St1 Finance Oy provides payment services and is licensed by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland.

3. Other terms applicable to the electronic channels and customer relationship 

In addition to these terms, terms of the St1 Loyalty Program, contract terms of the payment service products installed by the customer in the St1 Way mobile application, other contracts between St1 and the customer and guidelines issued by St1 will be applied to the use of the electronic channels.

The user is also obliged to consider other Terms of Use stipulated by web operators, device manufacturers and other third parties, all of which may be a requirement for the use of the electronic channels.

4. Liability for the electronic channels and its content

Service Providers reserve the right to make changes to the electronic channels as well as the right to shut off the service partly or entirely at any time on reasonable grounds. Providers are liable for services they themselves provide for the electronic channels, in accordance with the Terms of Use of said services. Interruptions or disturbances in network connections may cause the information and content in the electronic channels not to be displayed in real time or at all.

Service providers are not liable for any damage suffered by the customer due to the malfunction of or technical problems with the electronic channels. Neither can service providers be held liable for damage due to poor web connection or other deficiencies of the electronic channels.  

The Service Providers are not liable for damage caused by services provided by other Service Providers, or for situations where services provided by other Service Providers cannot always be used without interruption.

Service Providers are not liable for services or products, marketing or other information on web sites or other services linked to from the electronic channels.

Liability for marketing and advertising through the electronic channels lies with the party who is marketing said products or services. 

5. Development of the service

The development of the electronic channels is based on the usage history. Information on usage may also be used for targeted marketing as well as for targeted content and content development in the electronic channels.

Customer Location Data is used by the St1 Way application to display nearby services. Location data usage can be turned on or off. If Location Data usage is turned off it may affect some services in the St1 Way Mobile Application.

6. Data Protection and Customer records

By using the electronic channels the customer authorizes St1 to collect information that the user has entered into the service as well as information on the service usage. The objective of the collection of information is to develop the service and enable the use of targeted content.

Data it only transferred to service providers within the same corporate group and to subcontractors for the production of the service.

In collecting the data the service providers comply with the Data Security Act as well as other applicable Finnish regulatory provisions on individual data security. Personal data collected through the electronic channels are processed similarly to personal data in the St1 Customer Loyalty Program (St1 Nordic Oy) and Payment Services (St1 Finance Oy services). Additional information on the processing of personal data is made available in the Privacy Statement on the company’s web site www.st1.fi/eng/privacy-policy.

7. Data Security and Security Instruction

The user acknowledges that having registered and signed in, the service may be used without a separate new sign-in until the user signs out of the application.

The use of payment services is only possible with codes created by the customer.

The user is obliged to follow the St1 Security Guidelines on means of payment and electronic channels www.st1.fi/security-guidelines. The customer is obliged to keep the device on which he is signed in to the electronic channels secure at all times. Should he detect a breach of data security, he shall immediately cancel all payment cards connected to the service by contacting the card canceling service as well as the St1 card canceling service (phone 0800 131 031).

8. Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights of the electronic channels (trademarks, domain names, copyrights and possible patents) are the property of the Service Providers.

9. Liability 

The customer is liable for any direct damage suffered by the Service Providers caused by any use in breach of these Terms of Use or existing law. The Service Providers’ liability is limited to what is prescribed by mandatory legislation.

10. Changes to the terms 

St1 has the right to unilaterally make changes to the terms or to make supplements by notifying the customer of the change through the electronic channels, the St1 web page (www.st1.fi) or by other means. The change takes effect after such notification. By continuing to use the electronic channels following such notification the customer accepts the changed terms.  

Should the customer not accept the changes, he shall contact St1 Customer Service (0800 131 031) to terminate the use of the service.    

St1 reserves the right to transfer contracts based on these terms to a third party by notifying the customer through the electronic channels or by other means.

11. Non-judicial legal protection mechanisms


Should the customer deem that St1 has not complied with these Terms of Use, he should first contact St1. Any complaints should preferably be made in writing.

If the dispute cannot be resolved through negotiations, the consumer is entitled to take the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board (The Consumer Disputes Board, Hämeentie 3, PL 306, 00531 Helsinki, kril@oikeus.fi, www.kuluttajariita.fi/en/). Before taking the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board, the consumer is obliged to be in contact with the Consumer Advisory Services (www.kkv.fi/en/consumer-advice/).

In matters relating to the processing of personal data the customer should contact the St1 Data Protection Supervisor at dataprivacy@st1.fi. If the matter cannot be resolved through negotiations, the matter can be directed to the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman (Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman, PL 800, 00521 Helsinki, www.tietosuoja.fi/en/, tietosuoja@om.fi).


12. Applicable legislation and Justice Forum


Finnish Law is applicable to these Terms of Use. If the dispute cannot be resolved through negotiations, it will initially be settled in the District Court of Helsinki. The customer is also entitled to bring proceedings to a District Court in his place of residence.