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St1:n palveluksessa on yhteensä noin 770 energia-alan ammattilaista. Tältä sivulta löydät avoimet työpaikat ja muita hyödyllisiä linkkejä kun harkitset uraa St1:sellä

Puhdas energia ei ole yhden tekemää.

Puhdas energia ei ole yhden tekemää.

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Me investoimme puhtaamman energian luomiseen, tekoihin, joilla on suuri vaikutus. Muutos parempaan ei ole koskaan yhden tekemää. Siihen tarvitaan meitä kaikkia – sinua ja minua. Liity puhtaan energian tekijöiden joukkoon!

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Töihin Shell- tai St1-huoltamolle

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Group Business Controller

As a Group Business Controller, you will be part of Finance Business Unit supporting and cooperating with the whole St1 Group at Nordic level.

We offer you the opportunity to work on interesting tasks in versatile and challenging working environment where you get the opportunity to develop yourself. You will work with new concepts and business models with a group of professionals that have a true passion for their work and mission. You will get to be a part of a growing and innovative Nordic energy corporation with a clear vision and drive. The workplace is located along good transport connections in Helsinki (Tripla).

C-Store Solutions Manager

As a C-Store Solutions Manager, you will be delivering services for daily business and developing long term Nordic roadmap together with Retail in context of Point of Interactions, Head office solutions and digital services related to C-Stores. You will be expected to have seamless communication with other Business Technology team members and collaborate with different business owners. Top of Nordic role, you would be managing development roadmap and portfolio practices on country level and acting local point of contact towards business.

Sustainability Specialist

We are looking for a Sustainability Specialist to further develop our sustainability reporting and supply chain sustainability

Are you eager in joining the front row of experts working together with our partners towards more sustainable value chain? You will be working in Sustainability and Future Business Unit, where we focus in creating new sustainable and profitable business opportunities for St1. We turn market knowledge and understanding into strategic projects and partnerships enabling transition of our value chain towards a more sustainable one. We are supporting and co-operating with the whole St1 Group at Nordic level.

This position is located in Sweden, Stockholm

Senior Microsoft Engineer

To strengthen our Nordic Business Technology team, we are looking for Senior Microsoft Engineer

You will fit perfectly in this role if you are passionate about Cloud/Hybrid IT and its associated technologies, especially Microsoft ecosystem and it’s platforms like Azure cloud, Microsoft core infra services (like: Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, PKI), End User Services, M365, SCCM with emphasis on infrastructure and automation. You also have the ability to quickly learn, understand, and work with new emerging technologies, methodologies, and solutions. Role for the Microsoft Engineer is to participate and give input to different design and implementation projects as a technical specialist. In this role you would be working with daily operations like incidents, service request and changes.

Asset Manager / Engineer

To strengthen our Wind Power Unit, we are now searching for Asset Manager / Engineer

In our journey of growing business services in the Nordics, we are looking for a capable person to take on asset management responsibilities related to wind parks we operate on behalf of our services business customers. As a key player in our business service team, your main responsibility is to manage, supervise and control the operations and maintenance of wind parks trough subcontractors. Your primary focus will be on overseeing and managing contractors for high voltage and electrical equipment relating wind parks and related substations. You will also be expected to supervise and control other operations and maintenance tasks related to site infrastructure, as well as supporting other aspects within the area of wind park operations. You will be working closely together with colleagues in asset management, and you are also capable supporting project development and planning with specific focus on internal and external grids. This position is located in Helsinki.

Specialist, Biorefining Feedstock & Product Portfolio Development

We are looking for a Specialist, Biorefining Feedstock & Product Portfolio Development for St1 Oy. You will be working in Biorefining Business Development & Production unit where we focus on biorefinery business development by combining technical and commercial understanding and knowledge enabling transition of our value chain towards a more sustainable one.

Director, Biogas Business Development

We are looking for Director, Biogas Business Development  

You will be working in Renewable Energy Business Unit where we focus on researching, developing & producing renewable energy solutions like advanced biofuels, geothermal heat and wind power enabling transition of our value chain towards a more sustainable one. You will be building and developing actionable biogas business development initiatives in Finland, as well as in Nordic, working closely together with other Business Units and cross-functionally with relevant stakeholders.  This position is located in Helsinki. 

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