Security guidelines on St1 means of payment and electronic services


These security guidelines contain advice for private customers about the safe use of electronic services provided by St1 Nordic Oy and companies in the same corporate group (hereinafter referred to as St1). These guidelines shall be adhered to when these services are used.  Familiarize yourself thoroughly with these guidelines and with additional information on the topic: Our customer service 0800 131 031 mon-fri 8 a.m.-6 p.m. will assist you with securing your own data and will guide you in potential problem situations.  

For private customers these security guidelines refer to the St1 Way application and St1 My Pages as well as the web shop. Applicable parts of these guidelines can be applied to a safe use of St1 consumer cards. 

Remember that electronic services provided by St1 and connected means of payment, information on these means of payment, user IDs and passwords are personal and should be stored in a careful and safe manner in order to prevent unauthorized use. A mobile phone containing a mobile application with connected means of payment shall be handled with the same care as any other means of payment.  

Safe use of means of payment and user access codes: 

The means of payment, its number and user access code shall be kept separately at all times.  

Memorize the user access code of your service as well as the user access code of your means of payment.  You should never write them down or save them in a format that is easy to read. Do not store them in your mobile phone, vehicle, bag, wallet or otherwise close to the means of payment. If possible, you may use biometric identification if supported by your device.  

Taking into account prevailing circumstances you should regularly make sure your means of payment and your mobile phone are in your possession, especially in situations where the risk of losing them is significant.   

As you pay with your card, cover the keypad when you enter the card’s pin code, to prevent unauthorized use. 

As you use electronic services and enter your access code, pin code or other similar sensitive data on your mobile phone or computer, cover the keypad when you enter this to prevent unauthorized use. 

Do not use a Payment ATM if you feel the surrounding is not safe. Do not use services on your mobile phone either if you feel the surrounding is not safe.  

Never send information on means of payment or services, such as user access codes or pin codes by e-mail and do not reveal them to anyone over the phone. Never reveal personal data such as passwords and user access codes to anyone else.  

Regardless of how you pay, always review your purchase before you accept the payment. 

St1 will never request your user access code or pin code. Our customer service may request information by e-mail or phone about your card number or the name of the card holder. St1 may send you links to services. Make sure that St1 is the actual sender before you follow the link. If you have received a suspicious e-mail in the name of St1, do not follow the link and immediately report this to St1 Customer Service 0800 131 031 mon-fri 8 a.m.—6 p.m.  

Online fraud prevention guidelines:  

Update your device software regularly and make sure your computer firewall is updated. Install antivirus software and make sure it is updated regularly. Install antivirus software also on your mobile phone if available.  

Online payments: 

When you shop online, make sure your connection is encrypted (the address field of your browser contains https). A locked lock is often used as an indicator for an encrypted connection.  

Always review order and return terms and conditions for your online purchase and make sure you save your order confirmations.  

If you order a continuous (e.g. monthly) service online, always find out in advance how to cancel the service and when charges will end. 

Keep all order documentation.  You may need it to prove that the purchase has been paid for or to verify terms and conditions.  

Be critical of all tempting offers online as well as other information if it sounds too good to be true.  

Safe online use of your device or mobile 

Make sure that all software, hardware, operating system and application versions on your device (computer, phone, tablet) are updated. 

Protect your device against malware using antivirus software and firewall software. Update these regularly according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.   

Always sign out of the service when you no longer use the web portal or mobile application.   

Deactivation service 

Phone 0800 131 031 (24h) 

Private customers: 
If your payment card, your user access code, pin code or phone with a St1 Way application is lost or stolen, immediately prevent further use by calling the bank that issued the card or St1 deactivation service, if you use St1 Mastercard. 

If you are calling from abroad the number is +358 800 131 031